About Us at Barry Maney Hino

About Us

About Us

Barry Maney Hino was founded by the late Mr. Barry Maney OAM in July 1976, initially as a Ford Dealer and with a team of 20 people.  We now hold 6 Franchises: Ford, Hyundai & Volkswagen cars and Kenworth, DAF & Hino trucks. And our team now has 95 members.

Barry’s promise from day one was to develop a caring team culture and support our valued clients with quality after sales service.  We are proud to say that 40 years on our commitment to Customer Care is even stronger today.

We are a one stop Automotive Dealer, so whether you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, light or heavy truck, finance, spare parts, tyres, service repairs or just need some advice, our team are trained to assist you promptly and efficiently.

Barry Maney Hino is supporting our local community and we are a major sponsor for Regional Foodbank Mount Gambier, A Corporate Sponsor of the Mount Gambier Library & Community Centre, plus we support the Life Education Centre, Geared to Drive, the Homelessness Luncheon and many other worthy causes.

The Directors are fully committed to continuing the legacy that Barry has built over many years and have the resolve to strive to live up to our long term vision & mission.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Dealership soon, in the meantime we wish you safe motoring.

Yours sincerely,

David Millard
Group Managing Director

Our Vision & Mission

VISION – what defines the success of our team.

We are a dynamic and successful company that understand our Customers and deliver beyond their expectations.

We enshrine a culture that helps our Team Members achieve their full potential, goals & dreams and;

We diligently pursue a rewarding Work Life Balance of all our Stakeholders.


MOTTO - defines our unique selling promise.

"It's nice to go to someone who cares!"

MISSION - defines how we are going to achieve this team success.

We operate as a team in a climate of effective open communication which provides our team Members the opportunity to realise their full potential;

We develop our people through continuous training, education, encouragement and mentoring and as a result become an employer of choice;

We strive to provide modern, clean & safe facilities and equipment;

We are recognised by our customers as providers of Superior Service which is improving continually in conjunction with their input and feedback;

We seek growth opportunities and constantly refine and realign our direction & objectives to ensure they are in accord;

We Accept our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen incorporating the needs of community welfare, the needs of the Environment and the need for our team to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.