4 June 2024 · Driving Hints & Tips

Truckie’s kangaroo smash almost left him parked for weeks

If it wasn't for Hino Genuine Parts, Xpress Fleet owner James Hussary says the effects on his business would have been detrimental

Xpress Fleets Managing Director James Hussary pictured with his Hino tilt tray truck at Prestons. (Image: Toby Zerna/The Photo Pitch)
Xpress Fleets Managing Director James Hussary pictured with his Hino tilt tray truck at Prestons. (Image: Toby Zerna/The Photo Pitch)

Reliability and consistency are among the top requirements businesses look for in products and services.

When James Hussary decided to go out and start a business of his very own, it was these words that ensured his success.

Working in the transport industry for 20 years, James says he got his first taste of the transport world as a yardy and slowly built his way up from there.

“I became operations manager, state manager and general manager. It was a 17-year long process,” he laughs.

While James enjoyed his role, he was itching for a way to branch out and make his own mark.

“I had decided that I was done working for someone else and knew I would love running my own business.”

“That’s how Xpress Fleet came to be.”

Xpress Fleet filled a void in the market, combining traditional transport services with fully managed fleet logistics solutions.

James says Hino is worth every dollar
James says Hino is worth every dollar

The business works with automotive OEMs, dealers and fleet managers nationally to provide solutions to help move vehicles from dock to dealer and wharf to warehouse.

“We specialise in a whole heap of stuff, from bringing new pre-released vehicles to commercial breaks and photoshoots and major events like Women’s FIFA World Cup, A League final and AFL grand final,” James says.

“For photoshoots and commercial breaks, we will handle everything with the manufacturers, setting up up events, get the vehicles detailed, ready and transported.

“You could call it car carrying but we honestly do a lot more than that.”

When it came time to start expanding his fleet, James says he was very particular on what trucks would be suited to the role.

“Our biggest requirement was that the trucks were reliable and safe, that was the most important thing for us.”

“Hino stood out immediately.”

James says that even in his older roles, he had always found himself leaning towards Hino, with 60 out of the 120 subcontractors he oversaw driving one.

“The trucks are built well, they are safe, and the quality is amazing,” he says.

With his mind made up, he made the purchase of two new Hino FD 500 Series.

“And let me tell you, that was the right decision.”

Travelling along the Hume Highway in one of the FDs, one of James’s drivers found themselves coming face to face with a kangaroo on the road.

“A kangaroo popped out while he was doing 100 kilometres an hour,” he says.

Sticking to what Xpress Fleet had taught him, the driver drove straight through the kangaroo to avoid more catastrophic outcomes.

“We were lucky, the only damage was some scuff marks to the bull bar.”

Only three days later however, the driver wasn’t so lucky.

“You wouldn’t believe it, on the same stretch of road another kangaroo jumped out and hit him at four am in the morning.”

A rather large kangaroo, the damage was bit more excessive this time around, smashing the headlight completely.

“I was in Sydney at the time, but I called up Hino straight away and sent the driver to a Melbourne dealership.”

James says he was floored at how quickly they responded, a new headlight ready and waiting before the driver even pulled up.

“All we had to do was undo two bolts, drop the bull bar forward, replace the headlight and put it back up.”

“It took 45 minutes and he was back in Sydney the next day.”

A new headlight was ready and waiting before the driver even pulled up
A new headlight was ready and waiting before the driver even pulled up

James says he was also surprised at how well the Hino Genuine bull bar pulled through, protecting the rest of the truck.

“In any other circumstance or with a different truck, we would’ve been taken off the road for weeks or months,” he says.

Having shelf parts ready and available ensured James could get the rig back on the road and continue work as normal.

James stressed how detrimental having a truck parked could be in his line of work.

“Our trucks are specialised, we have decking, ramps, tilt trays and more specially fitted to these trucks. We couldn’t just rent one while we waited.”

“It also wouldn’t just impact us, but it would cause a domino effect that would affect everyone using our services.”

“That’s why we are more than happy to invest in quality and reliability.”

More than satisfied with his decision to stick with Hino and its Genuine Parts, James already has another truck being built and is eagerly awaiting its arrival in the coming months.

“They are worth every dollar for the safety, reliability, service and quality. It’s great to have a brand that we know we can consistently trust.”