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  1. 3 June 2021

    All-new Hino 700 Series safer, cleaner and built for the future

    The all-new Hino 700 Series is the safest Hino truck ever and meets Euro 6 exhaust emission standards while providing a wider range of axle configurations, transmissions and engine power ratings.

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  2. 3 May 2021

    Hino Motors develops ultra low floor, walk-through small EV truck

    Scheduled to be released in Japan in mid-2022, the Hino Dutro Z EV is Hino Motors Ltd’s first full-scale electric vehicle (EV) and is designed for the ‘last mile deliveries’.

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  3. 26 March 2021

    Isuzu, Hino and Toyota to accelerate case response

    Isuzu Motors Limited, (Isuzu), Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino), and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) have announced that they have agreed on a new partnership in commercial vehicles.

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  4. 20 January 2021

    A dozen Dakar wins for Hino

    Hino Team Sugawara has continued its Dakar Rally success clinching its 12th consecutive victory in the Under 10-litre class at the 2021 event.

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  5. 15 January 2021

    Close to the finish line, we recap Hino Team Sugawara’s gruelling last few stages of the Dakar Rally

    The second half of the Dakar Rally 2021 started with 453kms competition section of the (SS) after a rest day.

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  6. 14 January 2021

    Hino Australia excels in tough market

    Hino Australia continued to defy the odds during a turbulent 2020, delivering 5,222 trucks and buses, and recording its highest-ever market share of 18.4%.

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  7. 11 January 2021

    Hino Team Sugawara have successfully completed the difficult first half of the Dakar Rally 2021

    Stage 5 of the Dakar Rally kicked off in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which is 456kms to Al Qaisumah.

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  8. 8 January 2021

    Suffering a heavy and damaging fall in the sand dunes doesn’t stop Hino Team Sugawara

    The next stage of the Dakar Rally started in Wadi Ad-Dawasir in Saudi Arabia with a distance of 403kms.

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  9. 5 January 2021

    The Dakar Rally 2021 has begun with Hino Team Sugawara now in play

    The first SS (competition section) for the Dakar Rally 2021 was held from Jeddah up to Bisha with Teruhito Sugawara, Hirokazu Somemiya and Yuji Mochizuki of Hino Team Sugawara who finished 18th overall.

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  10. 22 December 2020

    Challenging year in the logistics industry but a positive outlook for Hino Australia in 2021

    Looking to the future but also reflecting on the past, we recently sat down with Bill Gillespie, General Manager, Brand and Franchise Development to get some insiders information.

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